Account Management 

Q: Who can open an account with Cashku? 

A: Any individuals aged 18 years old and above with a valid MyKad and have a banking account. 


Q: How to open an account with Cashku? 

A: You can download the Cashku mobile app and click on the ‘Get Started’ button to create a Cashku account. 


Q: Why do we need to verify your identity? 

A: Your security is incredibly matter to us. As required by the Security Commission of Malaysia (SC) to verify your identity, we require you to upload a copy of your NRIC as part of our eKYC requirements to authenticate and validate the identity of our clients. 


Q: Why do we need to collect your personal information? 

A: Your personal information is collected primarily for the purpose of verifying your identity, complying with the requirements of all applicable laws and regulations, and understanding your financial objectives. 


Q: Is my personal information with Cashku safe? 

In accordance with the PDPA and other relevant data protection and privacy law, your personal information is securely stored in our databases. 

Care is taken to ensure that the same responsibility of confidentiality and security is applied wherever the business is compelled to share such information in the course of providing our services to you.Please check our Privacy Policy for more details regarding your privacy and security. 


Q: How to update my personal details? 

A: Please follow below steps to update your personal details: 

Step 1: Click on “Profile” tab 

Step 2: Click on “Edit Profile” 

Step 3: Proceed with your changes 


Q: What do I need to do if I forgot my password or my account has been suspended? 

A: If your account has been suspended due to exceeding allowable password attempts during login, please wait for 5 minutes and perform Forgot Password as per below instructions: 

Step 1: Click “Forgot Password?” button in the login page; 

Step 2: Enter your registered email address; 

Step 3: Check your email address and click reset password; 

Step 4: Enter new password. 


Q: How can I delete my account? 

A: You can delete your account by contacting Cashku Support Advisor via WhatsApp or you can email us at 


Cashku Support 

Q: Who do I contact should I need help? 

A: You can contact us via WhatsApp or by email at to raise your queries. 

Please take note that Cashku Support Advisors are available and ready to answer any of your questions, from Monday to Friday between 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, excluding public holidays. 


Q: How secure is Cashku? 

A: We deploy multiple layers of authentication in every component of our systems to ensure your accounts are secure, money safe, and information confidential. We safeguard your data as if it were our own. 


Q: Where is my money kept? 

A: Your assets are held in a separate client trust account owned by Astute Fund Management Berhad’s appointed trustees, Maybank Trustees Berhad for Cashku Save and Maybank Trustees Berhad and CIMB Commerce Trustee berhad for Cashku Invest. 

This provides additional security for you and protects you from the unlikely event that Cashku goes bankrupt, as customers’ funds are unmingled with Cashku. 


Financial Literacy 

Q: What is Cashku Financial Literacy Course? 

A: We are HRD Corp Certified Training Provider, and we offer Financial Literacy courses in Bahasa Malaysia, English, and Mandarin. We provide practical courses with interactive elements focusing on personal finance and the financial implications to empower you towards financial independence. 

Q: What is covered in Cashku Financial Literacy Course? 

A: We provide three levels of financial literacy training: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. 

  • Beginner level 

Develop a basic understanding in financial literacy through interactive coursework.  

Understand the definition and fundamentals of financial planning, including cash flow concept, importance of savings and investments.   

Study the impact of inflation from a perspective of individual personal finance.  

Explore different type of investment portfolios in terms of the risk tolerance level and comparing their relationship with rate of return. 


  • Intermediate level  

Continue developing an understanding in financial literacy through interactive coursework.  

Emphasize the fundamental concept in investment, including diversification, budgeting and net worth theory. 

Study the concept of budgeting from a perspective of personal finance and learn different methods of budgeting in order to achieve savings goal.  

Discuss the concept of net worth and how to manage debts in the effective way. 

Explore the investment opportunities available in the market and examine the difference among them.  


  • Advanced level  

Develop an in-depth understanding in financial literacy through interactive coursework in investments.  

Study the importance of emergency fund from a risk management perspective. 

Understand more complicated concepts of financial planning, including Efficient market hypothesis and analyse its effectiveness in reality. 

Discuss difference between passive and active investment to analyse the investment opportunities. 

Emphasize the comparison between simple interest as well as compound interest to determine the best time to invest. 


Q: How to book the Financial Literacy Courses? 

A: Please follow below steps to book the Financial Literacy Courses: 

Step 1: On the Dashboard tab, click on “Financial Literacy” 

Step 2: Click on “Book Financial Literacy Courses” 

Step 3: Choose your preferred language and level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) 

Step 4: Select a Date 

Step 5: Select a Time 

Step 6: Confirm 


Q: How to cancel the Financial Literacy Course? 

A: If you would like to cancel the Financial Literacy Course that you have registered, you may cancel it through the confirmation email. 

At the bottom of the confirmation email, you may find the ‘Make changes to this event’ section. You can click on the ‘Cancel’ button to cancel your registration. A confirmation email will be sent to you once your registration is cancelled.  


Invest with Cashku 

Q: What is Cashku Save? 

A: Cashku Save offers a Shariah-compliant money market fund (Astute Dana Al-Kanz) that allows you to earn better, and higher returns compared to Fixed Deposits. You can refer to the fund profile here: Astute Fund Management Berhad. Should you have any doubts or queries, please book an advisor appointment or contact us via email and WhatsApp. 


Q: What is Cashku Invest? 

A: Cashku Invest provides diversified funds with zero sales charge for all risk levels. Prior investing, there will be a risk tolerance assessment to categorize your risk tolerance accordingly. There are 3 risk levels, Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive. The result of the assessment is instant, after you have finished the assessment. To start investing, you would be able to select funds that suits your risk level with zero sales charge. Should you have any doubts or queries, please book an advisor appointment or contact us via email and WhatsApp.  


Q: What are the benefits of investing in Cashku? 

  • User-friendly and secure platform to start investing as low as RM10 
  • No lock-in period 
  • No early withdrawal penalty 
  • Create and keep track of your financial goals
  • Advisor support included


Q: Is there a minimum deposit requirement or a set investment amount? 

A: There is not set investment amount. However, you can invest as low as RM10 in any of the funds that are distributed by Cashku. 


Q: How do I choose which fund to invest? 

A: By completing the ‘Calculate your risk tolerance’ steps when signing up for Cashku Invest, you can identify your level of risk tolerance to help you choose a fund that is appropriate for you. 

Before making any investments, you can arrange a complimentary introductory session with one of our advisors if you are unsure or undecided of which fund to invest in. For booking instructions, please refer to ‘How can I contact Financial Advisor?’. 


Q: How many Funds are available in the Cashku Invest? 

A: Currently, there are 15 funds that are available in the Cashku Invest, we will onboard more funds as we go. You may find the funds’ details at the ‘Funds’ tab. 


Q: How do I create my investment goal? 

A: You can create your investment goal at the ‘Goals’ tab. Click on the ‘+’ button and you can select the goal that you want to create. 


Q: How can I contact Financial Advisor? 

A: You can contact Cashku Financial Advisor by scheduling an appointment with the Financial Advisor. You can book your appointment via Cashku App as per below: 

Step 1: Login to your Cashku account 

Step 2: Click on “Profile” tab 

Step 3: Click on “Contact Us” 

Step 4: Click on “Advisor Appointment” 

Step 5: Select your preferred Date & Time 

Step 6: Confirm 


Q: What should I take into consideration before investing in the investment platform? 

A: You are advised to read and understand the Prospectus, and the Product Highlight Sheet of the Fund before investing. Please be advised that investment in the relevant Fund carries risk. An outline of the various risk involved are described in the Prospectus of the Fund. As an investor you should make your own risk assessment and seek professional advice, where necessary.   


Q: Do I need to provide any consent before I can proceed? 

A: Yes. You need to confirm and agree that you have read and understood the Product Highlight Sheet and the relevant disclosure documents of the Fund before investing into that fund.  


Q: Is the Fund protected by Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM)? 

A: This is an investment (not a bank deposit), hence it is not protected by PIDM.  


Q: What is Shariah-compliant investments? 

A: Shariah-compliant investments are investments based on the principles of Islamic finance. The guiding principles of Shariah-compliant investments dictates the investments must not involve any elements of Riba (usury), Gharar (ambiguity) and Maysir (gambling). 


Cooling-off and Withdrawal 

Q: What is a cooling-off period? 

A: A cooling-off period is the window time for you to exercise your cooling-off right should you decide to cancel your investment (without loss) after purchase for the first time. This period ends after 6 business days from the first successful transaction in a particular fund. 


Q: Who is entitled to the cooling-off period? 

A: Client who are investing in any unit trust for the first time in Cashku, excluding a staff of that management company and a person registered with a body approved by the SC to deal in unit trusts. 


Q: Can I withdraw anytime? 

A: Yes. 


Q: Are there charges to withdraw? 

A: No. 


Q: When will I receive my money after I perform a withdrawal? 

A: Once your withdrawal request has been successfully submitted. One of our advisors will contact you within 2 working days. 


Sophisticated Investor and Wholesale Fund 

Q: What is Sophisticated Investor? 

A: Client who has successfully declared themselves as sophisticated investor, which term is as defined in Clause 2.01 of the ‘Guidelines on Unlisted Capital Market Products under the Lodge and Launch Framework’ issued by the SC dated 9 March 2015 (as the same may be amended, varied or replaced from time to time) and the CMSA (as the same may be amended from time to time). 


Q: What is Wholesale Fund? 

A: It is a unit trust fund that is open for subscription, offered and issued only to a Sophisticated Investor. 

Licenses and Regulation 


Q: Are you licensed by any regulators? 

A: Yes, we are licensed by Securities Commision Malaysia for Financial Planning and Dealing in Unit Trust (eCMSL/A0374/2021) as well as Corporate UTS Advisers by Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia. We are also licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia as Financial Advisers and a registered HRDCorp Training Provider.


Q: What are the fees associated with Cashku? 


  • Zero sales charge 

You won’t be charged sales charge up front. 

  • Management fee 

The management fee is a fee charged by the fund management company to manage the day-to-day operations of the fund. The management fee is different for each fund, usually ranges from 0.2% to 1.95% p.a. based on the asset under management. Please find the respective Product Highlight Sheet for the detailed information. 

  • Wrap fee 

For your investment in Equity Funds and Fixed Income Funds, the wrap fee is ranging from 1.5% to 2.5% based on your asset under management with Cashku. As for Money Market Funds, the wrap fee is flat at 0.3%. 

The applicable rates for the Wrap Fees are as follows:

(a) For Money Market Fund

For any amount of Funds under Management, the Wrap Fee is 0.30% p.a.

(b) For Non-Money Market Fund

Funds Under Management Wrap Fee
Less than RM 100,000 Up to 2.5% p.a.
More than RM 100,000 and less than RM 250,000 Up to 2.0% p.a.
More than RM 250,000 Up to 1.5% p.a.